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Howick is a steadily growing country town located in KwaZulu Natal that is best known for its family orientated environment and being the retirement hub of the Midlands. With over 500 residential properties for sale in Howick each month, now is the time to find your perfect haven – you’ll find properties ranging from approximately R600 000 to R4 million. The majority of recent property buyers in the Howick area are over the age of 65 with the most popular properties being apartments.

Known as the place of many waterfalls, Howick is home to the uMngeni River and its tributaries, which tumble down gorges and plunge from precipice to pool on their way to the Indian Ocean. 

Perhaps the most dramatic of all the waterfalls is Howick Falls. The Zulu name for Howick Falls is KwaNogqaza, the 'Place of the Tall One', for obvious reasons – the waterfall is an approximate 100-metre cascade into a restless, mesmerising pool. According to local teachings, the plunge pool at the bottom is the home of the Inkanyamba, a Loch Ness-type creature. It is believed that only sangomas can safely approach the falls, and only to offer prayers to the Inkanyamba ancestral spirits.

Other than the many waterfalls, Howick is also known as the place where Nelson Mandela was arrested in August 1962, after which he served 27 years in prison. Mandela had been travelling in disguise as the chauffeur of the car he drove. Apartheid police had been hunting him down for 17 months and, as he passed the R103 road between Durban and Johannesburg, they were finally able to capture and arrest him. It was in this dramatic way, at this unassuming spot, that Nelson Mandela was finally captured, and proceeded to disappear from public view for the next 27 years. This marked one of the most significant moments in the history of the Apartheid era, as well as the future of South Africa.

A fact that is not well known is that Howick is possibly the location of the first manned flight in the world.Evidence exists that a John Goodman Household flew a self-made glider on the outskirts of Howick, close to Karkloof. He crafted the glider from oiled silk stretched over a light bamboo frame. On the day of his first flight, he carried the glider to the edge of an 80-metre cliff on his farm and took flight. His second flight, however, was not as successful as his first – he crashed into a yellowwood tree and broke his leg. The remains of his glider were packed away and were never used again. 

Near Howick are Cascade Falls and Shelter Falls, while Karkloof Falls is 16 km to the east. Go on a day trip and make a plan to visit each of the waterfalls – you won’t regret it. 

Howick Falls is simply breathtaking, and the deafening rush of water from the viewing deck will leave you feeling relaxed and mystified. If you’re into collecting trinkets, you’ll find several arts and crafts stalls on the viewing platform and along Morling Road which leads down to the falls.

If you’d like to get a bit closer to the falls and get the adrenaline pumping, why not walk over the edge and abseil down? Once you reach the bottom of the thundering Howick Falls, you’ll plop into an inflatable boat that takes you to the start of an indigenous forest walk. The forest walk takes you through the Howick Falls Conservancy where you may catch a glimpse of nesting crowned and fish eagles, or even a bushbuck.  

The Gorge Walk at Howick Falls is easy to follow and not an overly difficult walk. It will take you through magical riverine forest, grottos and meandering streams, and you’ll be surrounded by the green of the Natal Midlands and the damp that only walking along a river can provide. Give yourself a few hours to do the hike, as you’ll want to stop and enjoy the beauty around you. When you get to the bottom of the falls, find a sunny spot by the water's edge and absorb the peace and tranquility. Don’t forget to look out for the resident dassies and their almost house-sized boulders! 

Keep the blood pumping when you soar through the magnificent Karkloof indigenous forest with Karkloof Canopy Tours, situated just 20 km north of Howick. Steel cable slides of up to 180 m long, interspersed by seven viewing decks, provide an unforgettable zip line experience. Whether you’re seven or seventy, you can enjoy a day of fun, adventure, and of course, adrenaline. 

If you’d prefer to take it easy and keep your feet firmly on the ground while still enjoying the beauty the Midlands has to offer, then a visit to the Karkloof Conservation Centre should be on your to-do list. Set in the beautiful Karkloof valley, visiting this conservation area is a must. Situated in amongst the prime farmland, it offers a haven for 3 species of cranes and much, much more. A rich diversity of birdlife abounds on the farm where agriculture is practiced in harmony with birds, antelope and an abundance of frog and insect life.Take a walk to the bird hides where you can sit in silence and commune with nature.

Take a journey through time when you visit the Nelson Mandela capture site. In 2012, to mark the 50-year anniversary of what began Nelson Mandela’s “long walk to freedom”, a quietly powerful sculpture was built. Set into the environment of this silently potent space, the extraordinary sculpture by artist Marco Cianfanelli comprises 50 steel column constructions, each between 6.5 and 9.5 metres tall. The 50 columns represent the 50 years since Mandela’s capture, but they also suggest the idea of many making the whole; of solidarity.

Make sure you take some time out to get your caffeine fix. Terbadore Coffee Roasters has a passion for exquisitely blended coffee and have converted a tractor shed into a coffee shop. Coffee beans are imported from 13 countries and then roasted, blended and flavoured on site. You can sample the coffees in the café along with glorious cakes and scones. Hint: order the bottomless coffee and try out all of the different blends.

Howick isn’t just a pretty face – this quaint town plenty of quality schools such as Howick High School, Howick Preparatory School, and many more.

Mediclinic Howick offers quality medical care in comfortable units staffed by highly trained, professional and compassionate nursing, medical and other personnel.

You’ll be able to shop up a storm at Fairways on Main Shopping Centre, or pop in for the basics at one of the smaller shopping centres.

Whether you’re starting a family or looking for a beautiful place to retire, Howick should definitely be amongst your top choices.

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