Engaging directly with the developer was a natural fit!

We’ve been looking for a property for some time, however our stand out “aha” moment when viewing a few properties with Mr. Tom Eastwick from Midlands Developers Direct, was the realization that when buying directly from the developer one saves significantly on the transfer duty of the property as the VAT is inclusive in the price and paid by the developer. The removal of this cash strapping constraint allows you to either increase your deposit or immediately on transfer start with minor alterations.

In addition to the quantifiable savings, purchasing a new home and engaging directly with the original person/s who had the vision and personal touch to build the home provides insight into their thinking and allows for synergies to easily identify if the home with its chosen finishes would be a good fit or not for your family. Given the magnitude of the decision we felt it was beneficial to approach customers of Midlands Developers Direct to gain feedback on workmanship and reputation as builders, this cemented our decision to transact directly.

Our experience dealing with Tom and Sarah Eastwick (Midlands Developers Direct) was a natural fit from the start and are grateful for that personal connection through the process, guiding us throughout the transactional and executional phases of what can be an overwhelming task.

Wayne & Roxanne Stegen

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Author: Client Testimonial