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Garlington estate is a very sought-after luxury development. Garlington is a development for all ages creating a multi-generational community looking for a modern country lifestyle. The estate offers breath taking views of the lower Midlands and well thought out public spaces to encourage community living. The state-of-the-art security ensures that residence are able to fully enjoy country living with the freedom to lock-up-and-go.

The estate offers a variety of modern facilities and amenities:


At Garlington Village their vision is to create a unique lifestyle village where mature individuals can enjoy exceptional standards of living with the highest quality medical care.

Garlington Village offers Home Based Care, Luxury Assisted Living Apartments, Clinic Facilities and Garlick House Care Centre. The frail care is well underway and hopes to be operational from the 1st of May 2019.

Having this exceptional health care within Garlington Estate, makes retirement planning less daunting. Once a part of the Garlington Estate community, the transition over to the Garlington Village will be an easy one.


Garlington gym offers both residents and a limited number of external members the opportunity to exercise in an inspiring environment, with views out over the grazing land stretching all the way to Albert falls and Otto’s Bluff.

The gym is for everyone, whether your fitness goals are weight management, hitting the golf ball further, stress relief, or simply for the enjoyment of exercise itself, Garlington gym provides the solution.

The equipment selection has been designed to provide variety and to cater for the full range of gym users. From the casual, occasional gym user to the more serious user looking to improve sports performance.

The building was designed by Urban Solutions in Johannesburg. The exposed Deodar beams above the pool create a truly unique setting to clock up a few laps, and the open, airy gym space provides a relaxed alternative to cluttered, commercial gyms.


There will be a brand-new Garlington beauty spa opening in the Garlington Gym, details of this will be announced in April 2019.


Joy Klassen and her family moved from Canada to Hilton about 2.5 yrs ago. June has just marked 2 years since Joy started her company called Continuum Hydrotherapy.

Joy Klassen was awarded her Honours degree after studying Human Kinetics for 4 years at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. She then worked in Canada for 9 years for a Rehab company assisting clients with their physical rehabilitation after injury, surgery, or chronic condition onset. During this time she became a Certified Hydrotherapist, and has been absolutely amazed by the results. She is very excited to bring her expertise and experience to South Africa.

Who will benefit from Hydrotherapy?

Due to water’s protective, yet challenging environment, Hydrotherapy will benefit ALL those that seek to exercise in water. Hydrotherapy will especially be beneficial to those with conditions related to: arthritic conditions, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions and orthopaedic injuries. Joy also specializes in core strengthening for post pregnancy moms and people with back pain and weakness.

What will Hydrotherapy offer you?

Joy will develop an appropriate, individualized exercise program for you in the water/pool utilizing the physical properties of the water. Buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, resistance and analgesia are all physical properties of the water that facilitate a protective environment for therapy to be conducted in, thus providing optimum results. Such devises as: webbed gloves, flex paddles and noodles will be incorporated as tolerated. Hydrotherapy will assist in restoring joint range of motion (ROM), increasing muscle and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Hydrotherapy also improves flexibility, mobility and posture. Hydrotherapy can also decrease pain, reduce edema/inflammation and help to reduce muscle spasms.

It’s something new, fun and exciting! And you don’t even have to know how to swim!!

Sessions are one on one, will be 45 min in length and be held right here in your lovely Garlington indoor, heated pool.

Joy is available in the mornings from Monday to Thursday.

072 925 6881 |

There are two all-weather tennis courts and a driving range within the estate.

ERF 38:

Garlington has turned ERF 38 into a leash free zone, until the site is zoned and handed over to the HOA, a place where children and animals can run and play without having to stay in the confines of your garden or on a lead. ERF 38 is already fenced using post and rail we are looking at getting a single strand of ‘pet fencing’ to run underneath the second rail to ensure none of our fury friends decided to explore more of the Estate.


The walking trails are clearly marked and the length of each trail is indicated on the sign. Why not enjoy an early morning walk or run along one of these trails? Garlington has the following walking trails around the estate: Albert Falls Trail Malachite Trail Nguni Trail Heron Trail Picnic Trail Reedbuck Valley Trail H.

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