Load Shedding Solutions

Load Shedding  (The reasons we are given)

Load shedding is a cost-effective, emergency rotating method of energy distribution that has been quite helpful to ease the problems of lack of power generation South Africa is facing from time to time. Eskom developed this method to prevent blackout scenarios building a “power reserve” for critical moments. While the power generation is stable, electricity distributors are requested to route a fraction of their power load that is non-critical. The received loads are used afterwards to provide energy to all clients equally. Load shedding may continue in South Africa for an unspecified time period and it is vital that you implement an effective load shedding solution for your home or business.

Our solution to ease the household burden

We supply domestic type inverters which convert a 12 or 24 Volt deep cycle battery supply, into 220 Volts, which then enables the householder to run certain low wattage appliances during a load shed. These would include most TV’s and DSTV, Computers, low wattage lamps, inkjet printers (not laser), small fans etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO HEAT GENERATING APPLIANCES MAY BE CONNECTED TO THE INVERTER. THESE WOULD INCLUDE TOASTERS, KETTLES, HAIR DRYERS, CURLING TONGS, FRIDGES (due to high starting current requirements) MICROWAVES or any  industrial tools like ANGLE GRINDERS ETC.

The sole purpose of the inverter, deep cycle battery combination is to lessen the inconvenience of load shedding by enabling the user to continue watching TV or working on a computer during a load shed. Most inverter/battery combinations will supply between 2-4 hours of power depending on the number of batteries in use. The batteries will then automatically recharge when the power comes back on, so that you are ready for the next load shed.


If the basic guidelines above are adhered to the concept is very workable and very convenient.

At the time of writing we are supplying a very useful and presentable compact unit on wheels in both a 720 and 1400 watt option. Prices available from our branches on 033-3457288 PMB and 031-7658270 HILLCREST. Our staff will be able to guide you on the size and number of batteries you may need according to your requirements.

Load shedding times

The load shedding distribution works under a strictly scheduled program and is used during limited periods, as well as they follow a criteria to ensure that all customers get access equally and you are informed in advance when you would require load shedding solutions. Currently, the load shedding schedule is implemented in three different stages and each load shedding stage has different amounts of energy routed.

These implementations will happen during the period of 5AM to 9:30PM. Lack of power peaks might happen however for up to 2 hours and a half and this is when load shedding solutions are required.

Load shedding stages

Load Shedding Stage 1: up to 1000 MW of the national load shedding is used
Load Shedding Stage 2: up to 2000MW
Load Shedding Stage 3: up to 4000 MW of the national load shedding

Load shedding tips

  • Always watch the news to know if load shedding is active and what stage of load shedding your area is in.
  • If you are affected, refer to the load shedding schedule to see what time the electricity in your area will be cut off.
  • Check that your appliances are charged before load shedding.
  • Plan ahead to ensure that cooking and bathing is done before you are is effected by load shedding.
  • Ensure you have an effective load shedding solution in place.

Load shedding solutions in South Africa require a proactive approach. The schedules are available on the Eskom website. Unfortunately load shedding seems like it will continue for a while and its best to be prepared. Fortunately, there are load shedding solutions in Durban and other cities readily available.

Most homes have precious appliances that can be destroyed because of power interruptions. Not the mention the inconvenience it causes. One load shedding solution in South Africa that will never let you down is our DC to AC inverters. Having this device means you will be protected from power outage while being able to continue with your day to day life. You do not have to tolerate darkness anymore because affordable resources are available.

See link below to view the load shedding schedule as of December 2018 for Msunduzi
Msunduzi Load Shedding Schedule – http://www.eskom.co.za/Documents/Munic/Msunduzi_LoadShedding.pdf

For all areas visit Eskom’s official websitehttp://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/

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