Local is lekker: 6 of our favourite South African dishes to try this month

Ah, South Africa. It’s a melting pot of cultures that has resulted in myriad tantalising local dishes. From spicy Cape Malay curries to pap en vleis, dombolo and more, it’s impossible to narrow down South African dishes to just one favourite.



It’s the dish that signifies chaotic Sunday lunches: family banter, kids playing, third helpings and the obligatory doggie bag.

Get the Cape Malay curry recipe here.


South African dishes - pap en vleis

Bake spicy Asian-style vleis in pap baskets for a modern take on your traditional pap en vleis.

Try Siba’s easy pap-en-vleis recipe here.


South African dishes - vetkoek

It’s the simple, deep-fried dough that all South Africans love. Serve piping hot with the filing of your choice. Pro tip: they’re particularly good dipped in soup. Give it a try.

Get the classic vetkoek recipe here.


South African dishes - tamatiesmoor

What’s a boerie roll without a wholesome helping of tangy smoor? This easy tamatiesmoor is quick to prep, but best left simmering for as long as possible.

Get the tamatiesmoor recipe here.


South African dishes - dombolo

These dumplings are made using half mielie meal and half cake flour for a grittier texture. Add a cup of drained canned corn kernels for something a little different.

Get the dombolo recipe here.


South African dishes - pumpkin fritters

Best eaten piping hot, while standing around the kitchen table.

Get the pumpkin fritter recipe here.


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