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April is a special month.  Picture perfect weather.  And the start of a beautiful season.

Autumn is also a season of reflection, reminding us every day of the many reasons why we have chosen to live in the Midlands.

It is also the start of the second quarter of 2019 and time to look back on the first quarter.

In March we welcomed an uptick in sales activity, renewing optimism after a slow start to the new year. Buyers who have been waiting on the side lines, are starting to buy.

Encouragingly our sales for March 2019 are up 23.33% on sales for March 2018.

Visitors and potential buyers are responding positively to St John’s Village.  They are inspired by the progress and tangible confidence that is visible on the Estate.

As we look ahead, we are encouraged by this recent uptick and thrilled with their compliments.

We trust you are too!

Electricity outages

Our apologies to the residents of The Arboretum.

Eskom supplies 3 phase  electricity to St John’s Village.  Every house is connected to ONE of the three phases – either the red, blue or white line. If you experience a power outage – and you have checked that your DB board hasn’t tripped – but your neighbour has power –  it might mean that Eskom has dropped one of the phases (for whatever reason only Eskom can dream up).  Or, as has been the case this weekend, there is a fault in one of the cables.

With the winter approaching, to avoid self-inflicted power outages, please be mindful not to overload your household plugs. Domestic household supplies aren’t geared for electric blankets, kettles, hair driers, toasters, chargers, dish washers, washing machines all running at the same time.

Check the EskomSePush app’s schedule to keep updated on planned load shedding.

Care Centre

As soon as we have any updates on the Care Centre we will let you know immediately.

Admin Office

As the Admin Office is often closed,  email remains the most effective form of communication.

It builds a paper trail and acts as a reminder to both the sender and the receiver.

If you need to meet with Craig Bennett directly it is always a good idea to call ahead and set up a time.

Lucy is on hand, in the Sales Office, to help with urgent  issues.

The Orchard House update

Until further notice, The Orchard House will be open to residents to use and enjoy.  Doors are open Monday to Friday.  Unfortunately the kitchen is locked.

For weekend use – please arrange to collect keys in advance.

Feel free to make use of the Honesty Bar.  Tea and Coffee is available at R15,00 per cup.

Janet is on duty to serve during the week. And the library is open.


In response to the numerous calls for caravan and trailer parking the Directors are looking at the feasibility of converting the agricultural shed near the Old Farm House into a storage facility.

This may be the quickest and easiest route to providing parking and storage.

If you would like to add your name to the list please email and we will keep you updated.

Karuna is currently in the Security Control Room to record security issues, do security registrations and assist where possible.

Rochelle is in the admin office, on a temporary flexible time basis only, assisting Craig.

Gym Special

The GYM in Symonds Lane welcomes all ages with a open, friendly atmosphere.

As fellow St John’s Village owners, Rory & Susan Connellan are offering all St JOHN’S residents a FREE consultation or training session PLUS 10% OFF all our packages.

Please contact Rory 0607159820 on Whatsapp to claim your first Free session.

(Directions from St John’s Village : at the Supa Quick traffic light turn right. Immediately after F&F Build-It, turn right into Symonds Lane. Follow the road to the new Colab Building and the Gym.

Soup Initiative

As the colder nights set in, for those who would voluntarily like to contribute towards the annual Soup Initiative we have started a soup collection for the guards. This year we ask that you only donate INSTANT CUP OF SOUP. Packet soup is logistically difficult to prepare, keep it hot and distribute it.

Drop-off points :

The Arboretum – House 3816  :  Cathy Beattie – 079 808 7550 (diagonally opposite the swimming pool) or  The Orchards – Unit 20 – Pam Bunge 20.


Cruise into creative mode and learn a fantastic new interest for life! Beginners welcome!

Dates -5th, 6th and 7th May 2019.

Address: 3613 St Johns Village – Howick
Contact Sue : –  0834471708

* All art material, teas included, – (bring your own lunch box) – R2500 per person for all 3 days – free mount for one of your fantastic paintings!

Photo credit: (Pic : Courtesy Mitchell Harrison)

Still looking for your dream home. Feel free to give one of our developers a call today.

Tom Eastwick – The Gates, Hilton and Garlington, Hilton | 072 297 2699 |
Clint Frost – St John’s Village Lifestyle and Retirement Estate | 0828049280
Janet Channing – Waterford Residential Estate, Howick | 082 570 5834 |

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