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Power Surge

Remember that your home (bricks and mortar) can suffer damages through power surges in the same way that your TV can be damaged.  It is particularly important if you have a state of the art home automation system, to have sufficient cover to return you to the same position that you were in prior to a power surge. If not, it can be a costly process to get your system replaced.


Lets consider a few insurers limits below, where you will notice, the cover ranges from R5 000 to the full sum insured of the building (in other words it is not limited).  So I would encourage you to contact your advisor and find out how much cover you have and then increase it if necessary.


Buildings (Home) Limits Insurer A Insurer B Insurer C Insurer D Insurer E Insurer F
Power Surge  R 5 000 R 5 000        
R50 000  10% of the building sum insured Full Sum Insured R10 000




Leon Oosthuizen has been in the insurance industry for over 22 years.

After dedicating myself to my previous employer from 1998 to 2020, I decided to venture out on my own after building my reputation and experience in the insurance industry. The transition to becoming an independent broker has been an exciting journey on both a business and personal level. Assisting my clients in protecting themselves from life’s risks provides me with immense fulfilment – especially in such trying times.


My personal motivation in business is to help and guide people, and businesses, to correctly protect themselves against life’s curveballs. That means that a thorough assessment is done followed up with a process of matching up the risks with the correct insurance policies. When a loss occurs, it is a stressful situation that nobody likes, and I want my clients to know that they will not have any added stress when it comes to their insurance claim. This can only happen if the groundwork has been done and the foundation laid correctly, with an emphasis on attention to detail.


More often than not, insurance will cost less than what you end up spending on tangible goods in the long run should you suffer a loss and it is not insured. I pride myself in the diligence I bring to the table when assessing the risks that affect you on a day to day basis and then finding the right cover for you.


A huge factor in my work and personal life is the value of trust and building relationships built on trust is therefore important to me. As one of my longstanding clients have said about my work, “We can say without a doubt, that you are dealing with a good moral character who operates with integrity and has never had a bad word to say about anyone. Leon is also hard-working, dedicated and never leaves a job unfinished.


I believe that my customers are entitled to receive the best possible advice and service that I can give them and when a relationship is built on trust, this can cut through wasted time, getting to the crux of matters quickly and efficiently. I pride myself in treating my clients best interests as my own. As Simon Sinek once said: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it – and what you do simply proves what you believe.”.




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