Semigration, forget the coast and head to the Midlands

Semigration and the search for a better lifestyle was once a concept the majority of us only thought about on retirement. Living in major cities was the natural choice for those of us trying to climb the corporate ladder. Getting up at the crack of dawn only to be stuck in traffic for hours before finally dropping kids off at school and reaching the office was the norm. And let’s not forget that awful rush hour traffic on the way home again.

We sacrificed time with our families, time for ourselves and we had completely lost the concept of balance. But then along came Covid 19 and we were all forced to slow down, and our lives changed dramatically, especially when it came to our work life.

Companies were forced to embrace the idea of remote working and the freedom that came along with that has made us relook at our lifestyles. Where we

live no longer needs to be determined by our proximity to the office which has opened up endless possibilities.

Those who jumped on the semigration trend earlier on have headed towards the coast which has seen a marked jump in property prices. Some people have sold up completely while others have considered purchasing a second work from home as an investment opportunity.

Unsurprisingly the highest rate of people choosing semigration in 2021 are from Gauteng. According to Lightstone data, that number has increased to 43% from 39% in 2020. That is substantially higher than other provinces, with numbers in the Western Cape and Mpumalanga at around 13% and only 7% in the Eastern Cape.

A better quality of life means different things to each of us, but we all tend to agree that safety and security are not things we’re willing to compromise on. Now the search is on for that perfect location. Although the thought of the idyllic beach life is tempting, we are fortunate to be living in a country that has limitless alternatives. And let’s be honest, those coastal towns are great until you have to deal with the influx of holidaymakers over the festive season.

The Midlands is one of those areas that ticks all the boxes. It is still within close proximately to major metropolitan areas and for those beach breaks, depending on where you are, it’s a mere 2-hour drive down to the coast. Located in the heart of KwaZulu Natal, it is renowned for its unparalleled scenic vistas and has become a destination for foodies and creatives alike.

You can’t think about the Midlands without Hilton popping into your mind. Although renowned for being home to Hilton College and St Anne’s Diocesan College, with Pietermaritzburg just down the hill, you aren’t limited to your choice of schools.

As we mentioned earlier, safety and security is something none of us are prepared to compromise on. So, when choosing to relocate one of your top questions has to be, “Is this town safe?” And when it comes to Hilton, the answer is a resounding yes.

According to 2021 crime statistics, the number of contact crimes decreased by 111% and the property crime rate decreased by 109%, leading to a total crime reduction in Hilton by 82%, making Hilton 91% safer than most South African cities.

When it comes to choosing that all-important home, Hilton has a wide range of properties suiting everyone’s needs. Secure residential estates are often something that those smaller coastal towns lack but fortunately Hilton has it all.

One of the premier residential estates in Hilton is The Gates. This sought-after secure estate is set on 44ha between the Hilton College Estate and the Gwens Stream. Offering incredible views over the uMngeni valley towards Howick and the Drakensberg, it is the epitome of country life in a safe, rural and peaceful setting.

Asides from quality schooling, that much-needed safety and the perfect home, Hilton has so much more to offer. There is an abundance of outdoor activities from walking and hiking trails through to horse riding and mountain biking, you will never be at a loss for something to do.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, Hilton has some of the best restaurants, bars and coffee shops around where friendly and personal service is guaranteed.

No matter where your semigration journey takes you, we wish you much happiness as you embrace the quality lifestyle you deserve.


Author: Midlands Developers Direct



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